Card Coats on ebay (100 Pack) – International Shipping Available

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🛡️ Effective Protection without the Bulk: Thin, Lightweight, and Rigid Pads

Our protection pads are designed with ultra-thin, fluted ECT 32 rated corrugated material, which is only 1/16 inch thick and weighs only 4 grams. Despite their light weight and slim profile, these pads offer exceptional crush resistance and compression strength to keep your cards safe during shipping and handling. Enjoy the best of both worlds with Card Coats’ lightweight, yet strong and durable protection pads.

📏 Perfectly Sized for Standard Toploaders: Precisely Cut 3″ x 4

Card Coats are the only corrugated shipping protectors that are precisely cut to fit standard toploaders with exact dimensions of 3″ x 4″. This precise sizing ensures a secure fit without any added compression during shipping, which can damage the cards. Say goodbye to the hassle of using protectors that are too big or too small – Card Coats are always the perfect fit for standard toploaders.

📦 Effortless and Quick 3-Step Packing Process

With Card Coats, packing your toploaded trading cards for shipping has never been easier. Our custom-designed shipping protectors allow for a simple, three-step packing process that takes just minutes to complete. First, stack your toploaded trading cards between the protective pads. Next, secure the stack with tape on each side. Finally, slide the stack into a bubble mailer for added protection during transit. This effortless packing process ensures that your trading cards arrive safely at their destination without any damage or bending.

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