Original Card Coats™

Scientifically Proven Design Engineered for Maximum Protection

Card Coats Scientifically Proven Protection
  1. Enhanced protection: When used in conjunction with toploaders, Card Coats protectors create a sandwich or stacked effect that enhances protection for trading cards during shipping and handling. The combination of a toploader and Card Coats provides an additional layer of support and stability, reducing the risk of damage due to compression and stress.
  2. Snug Fit: Card Coats 3” x 4” shipping protectors fit snugly over the toploader, which creates a solid object that provides optimal protection during shipping and handling. Oversized protectors can create a loose or uneven fit, which can lead to shifting and potential damage during transport.
  3. Exact fit reduces compression: By being the exact size of a toploader at 3”x4”, Card Coats protectors reduce compression on the toploader and trading card, which can be especially important when sandwiching or stacking multiple toploaders. This means that external pressure during shipping and handling will be distributed more evenly throughout the toploaders and cards, reducing the risk of deformation or damage.
  4. Even stress distribution: Card Coats exact fit can help distribute stress more evenly throughout the toploaders and trading cards, which can reduce the risk of localized stress points and potential damage.
  5. Easy to use: Card Coats protectors are easy to use. Simply sandwich or stack the toploaders between Card Coats protectors, secure with painters tape, and they’re ready for shipping.

Overall, Card Coats protectors provide enhanced protection for trading cards during shipping and handling when used in conjunction with toploaders. With an exact fit, even stress distribution, reduced shear, and easy-to-use design, Card Coats protectors are the perfect, practical and cost-effective solution for breakers and sellers who want to ensure customers trading cards arrive safely and in pristine condition.

An oversized protector can cause localized stress points within a toploader, which can lead to potential damage or deformation of the trading card inside. When an oversized protector is used, the excess material adds extra compression and stress to the toploader, which can create weak points that are more susceptible to damage. The uneven distribution of stress caused by the oversized protector can also lead to bending or warping of the toploader and trading card, which can be detrimental to their condition. That’s why it’s important to use an exact fit protector like Card Coats, which can help distribute stress more evenly and reduce the risk of potential damage or deformation.

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