Precision Pack


Are you ready to take your trading card business to the next level, enhance your brand’s reputation, and maximize your profits? Look no further, because the “Precision Pack” is the solution you’ve been searching for.

🛡️ **Patent-Pending Security:** The “Precision Pack” stands out with its patent-pending design. Enhanced flaps gently wrap around your trading cards, ensuring they are cradled securely in place during transit. These ingenious flaps are at the heart of our revolutionary system, providing full protection for your cards.

📦 **Versatile Interior:** Tailored to your needs, the “Precision Pack” offers maximum interior dimensions of 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 1 3/8″. It accommodates 1 to 5 graded slabs, 1 to 3 magnetic one-touch cases, and 10 to 20 toploaded cards, all snugly secured within the “Precision Pack.” *Multiple One-Touch and toploaded cards must be bagged and/or taped together.

🌿 **Eco-Win & Cost-Efficient:** Join the eco-conscious movement with an eco-win by eliminating the need for extra packing materials. You’ll reduce your environmental footprint and save costs simultaneously.

💰 **Exceptional Affordability:** Invest in your success with a pack of 50 unfolded “Precision Pack” cartons at an incredible price, offering exceptional affordability for your trading card business.

The “Precision Pack” is more than just packaging; it’s a catalyst for your trading card venture. Elevate your image, enhance shipment security.

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